Unicorn Tea™ - Berry Fruity Blend

Unicorn Tea™ - Berry Fruity Blend

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Unicorn Tea™ - Berry Fruity Blend 

Our organic Unicorn Tea Fruit Punch blend is a sweet berry tea that tastes great either hot or iced. A rooibos base carries the fruity flavour beautifully with highlights from hibiscus and lemon myrtle. This blend tastes amazing if you add fruit, so fill up a jug, add all your favourite fruit pieces, and enjoy!


Organic green rooibos, organic liquorice, organic hibiscus, organic goji berry pieces, organic apple pieces, organic lemon myrtle, natural flavour.

To Make

Use 5 generous teaspoons of Berry Fruity blend to each 500mls of boiling water.   Let the tea infuse for 10 mins.  Add 500mls of cold water.  Strain into a jug.   Add ice to serve.

Serving options

Tastes great with honey, fruit pieces, mint

The ingredients in our organic Fruity Blend Iced Tea are:

  • Sourced from an ACO (Australian Certified Organic) Processor
  • Free from insecticides and pesticides
  • Free from fillers or artificial flavour
  • GMO Free
  • Low GI, Vegan, Gluten Free
  • Caffeine free


50g net 

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